Special Exhibit Artists




Bricks and Mortar and a Backdoor

Pepe Delfin (b. 1991) explores abstract forms through geometric shapes and lines. The careful placement of these elements produces visual narratives of Delfin’s experiences, observations, and relationships with people and contemporary life. Her paintings, illustrations, and video installations include scenarios that depict solitude and the multitude of expressions through bright colors and structures as a form of expression, unbounded by traditional forms of image-making.

Delfin is influenced by Josef and Anni Albers’ studies and theories on color, where color is never singular and always presents itself in continuous fluxes, constantly linked to the changes in environment and conditions. Delfin’s approach to geometrical abstraction broadens the perspective one can take in portraying reality according to the artist’s observation and perception. The non-illusionistic settings found in her works prompt a realm filled with cues that engage the viewers to form their understanding of images, meanings, and realities.





Just As You Take My Hand

Clarence Chun (b. 1975) primarily works in abstraction to reveal narratives hinged on the artist’s relationship with the places he had lived, particularly the influence of the bodies of water as a dominant force in his dynamic approach to image-making. Chun meticulously executes compositions that characterize his ability to visually articulate a momentum — narrating the speed of waves and currents of seas, oceans, and rivers as he reflects on the lives he had lived near them. Having spent part of his childhood in Leyte, Philippines, and later, living as an adult in Hawaii, Chun’s body of works is charged with the technical aspects of abstraction inclined to depict biographical narratives extracted from his personal history as a first-generation immigrant. Thus, painting is used to portray identity through the layers of texture applied on the canvas, which ironically seems flat from afar but entangled in many layers when observed closely.

In 1999, Chun was awarded the Ellen Battell Stoekel Fellowship from Yale University School of Art, and, had later received his BFA in Painting (cum laude) from the University of Houston School of Art and his MFA in Painting from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Chun also received the John Young Artist Award from the Honolulu Museum of Art in 2013. His works have been exhibited widely in Southeast Asia, in the United States, and in Europe and are also in the permanent collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art (USA), Hawai’i State Art Museum (USA), and National Museum of Fine Arts (Manila, PH). His works have been presented at Art Dubai (2022), Dallas Art Fair (2022), and Art Fair Philippines (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).





The Primacy of Consciousness

Jon Deniega (b. 1981) is a digital artist and musician from Antipolo, Philippines. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology, specializing in web development and graphic design.

In 2021, he started minting digital art on the Tezos blockchain and created Glitch Blot, a collection of generative, Rorschach-inspired digital art minted on the Ethereum blockchain. His work was later featured in an inaugural NFT exhibition His work was later featured in an inaugural NFT exhibition ‘OBJKTion!’ at the Mono8 gallery. His venture into blockchain art explores the digital space through the melding of technology and randomness with creativity.

His interest in 3D art developed into a passion when he drew from all prior influences to create his initial pieces. He primarily uses Blender to design 3D printed art as he transitions from digital to physical mediums. He is also experimenting with the newest tools to hone his technique.Art Cube Gallery featured his first physical artwork in the January 2024 group exhibition ‘Paradiso + Inferno’. His latest work is an attempt to merge physical and digital spaces through techniques such as projection mapping and augmented reality.




Any Name’s Okay is an alternative pop band that debuted in the Philippine indie scene in October 2017. They’ve reached diverse crowds with their uniquely fresh, youthful, yet reflective music.

The quintet has booked several major events and shows across Metro Manila – such as the Coke Studio Roadshow, Fête de la Musique, and Wish 107.5. They also flew to Taiwan in 2019 for the Pasiwali Music Festival as the culture fest’s sole Philippine performers. The group was nominated for 10 Awit Awards in 2023, including ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’, and ‘Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist’, and landed as a finalist for ‘Best Pop Recording’.

Any Name’s Okay released their latest single, “Cobalt Blue”, in October 2023. This follows the success of their first four singles, their debut EP, “All I Feel and See”, and their sophomore compilation “Leaving Home”.

The band is composed of Sofia Abrogar on vocals, Renzo Lumanog on rhythm guitar and vocals, Juan Lada on bass, Arvin Olete on drums, and Anton Atienza on lead guitar.




Fifth Wall, the Philippines’ first international dance film festival, offers a space for the visibility and education of works that choreograph in around the camera, while simultaneously opening the dialogue for movement beyond the screen.

We challenge creatives from all backgrounds to come together and celebrate DANCE FROM ALL ANGLES™ – meeting and bridging gaps through our products: film, performance, discussion, installation, and more.